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Chicago Basement RemodelingBasement Remodeling in Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

Whether you have a precise picture in your mind of what you want or you'd like our designers to show you what is available, We can build and transform your existing basement into a well-designed luxurious retreat that's as functional as it is beautiful. Our basement remodeling experts offer know-how, product knowledge, and exciting design ideas you'll need to guide you through the basement remodeling process with ease. If you're thinking about remodeling your basement, you've come to the right place.

Basement remodeling can be your opportunity to express your individual sense of style. If you are remodeling your home, basement remodeling will definitely be a high priority. Your bathroom should be comfortable, attractive and functional.

Basement remodeling becomes even more important if you spend time in the bathroom, relaxing, introspecting and just being with you. After all, a basement is a comfort zone inside your home. We at Chicago Basement Remodeling understand the need for comfort and beauty in your new bathroom.

Please visit our Photo Gallery to see some of the products & services we offer.  Call us at 773-340-0011.



Imagine that you just walk through doors in your Chicago basement area that lead to a quiet sanctuary where you can re-energize and unwind your mind and body every day. The dream becomes reality when DesignStudioKB designs a sumptuous retreat and outfits your space with unique innovation in basement design. Renewed basements with new cabinets while heated floors, towel warmers, fireplaces and surround sound create ambiance for a luxurious spa-like experience. From small and cozy to spacious and lavish, a DesignStudioKB basement renovation will pamper you in well-deserved style.


Chicago Basement Remodeling: Endless Possibilities

Basement design possibilities are almost infinite and not limited by space considerations. Fabulous fixtures can be retrofitted into existing space to turn an ordinary basement into an opulent retreat. Texture, color, and dimension are defined by our Chicago home designers with the creative use of floor and wall tile, decorative fixtures, countertops and bathroom accessories. Cabinetry provides elegance and storage and is available in a multitude of styles and finishes. Detail found in hardware, lighting and mirrors reinforce the overall design concept. Whether your space is large or small, DesignStudioKB will combine design elements with innovative materials to make it spectacular in comfort and appearance.

Your own private retreat…don’t you deserve it? Call DesignStudioKB today for a free in-home consultation to start defining your vision and explore the basement remodeling possibilities that await you.


Basement Remodeling


Our company it is specializing in basement remodeling and has more then hundreds basements remodeling ideas. Our basement remodelers and basement designers are high qualified remodeling experts that know what is right for your home. Remodeling your basement will give you more space and more to enjoy with your fairly and your friends. If you do not have idea what would you like to see in basement of your home, please contact us and we will come in your home and give you our basement remodeling ideas.


Basement Designers

Our basement designers are trained and they know how to use any square of your basement to have nice look and functionality. Here you can find basement remodeling pictures and see what are our basement remodels can do for your basement remodeling project and what they did for our customers. Our basement designers use best remodeling 3D programs.


Basement Remodeling Costs

Basement remodeling costs really dispending from the project to the project, some of basement remodeling projects are big some of them smellers so that is reason it is very hard to tell you what is basement remodeling costs but we can give you some remodeling ideas and give you basement remodeling costs for it. Let say that you have basemen that has 300 sq. ft. need hardwood floor and drywalls with painting and some electrical works cost of bathroom will be between $4.000 to $9.000 but if you will have powder room, laundry and some windows price can go above $15.000 so please to be more accurate you can call one of our sales person to come at your place and we can give you 100% price with some specials.


Basement Remodelers


As an Basement Remodelers in Chicago we are with our 14 years of experience company that you can trust and can hire us as basement contractor. We are basement remodelers firm insured and we have GC licensed for Chicago area and Chicago suburbs. We do commercial and residential basement remodeling and we are very known in Chicago land are as Unique Basement Remodelers.



Basement Finishing

If you are looking for basement remodelers who will bring your basement ideas in live and remodel your basement in way how would you like you came to right place. Finishing a basement it not only place that you install new drywall and paint, basement is place that you can enjoy for years if you remodel in proper way. Our basement remodelers know how to design, install right products and listen about your basement ideas. Please scan true our finished basement pictures and see what we are capable to do for your home.